Week in review

This past week and weekend were as packed full as always. Work has kept me busy and my little loves as well. Days off are jammed with errands, cuddles, and to dos. 

Mommy worked late, daddy was working so someone got her first late night treat….first milkshake in ages and she exclaimed "Mommy i wove ice ceam"
Sleepy eyes, bed head and sweet grin!
Helping mommy volunteer at church and get ready for Sunday school!
Her outfit of choice to run a quick errand and sometimes you just gotta let her:)

Dentist time-she did amazing even getting X-rays this time

First tongue laceration thanks to a slip in the bath tub…nothing a little ice chips and Elsa cup can't fix
She's taking her modeling bows job very seriously;)

AFter rocking her dentist appointment 

This boy will stuff his cheeks til he can stuff no more!

The weather was glorious here a couple days so we enjoyed a yummy lunch on the chick fil a patio
I love when they play sweetly together.

Little Rangers fan

My mom sent me this picture of Isabella snoozing, she is often still sweetly sleeping when we go to pick her up….the fact that they can get toddlers to sleep in the same room amazes me. School nights have been rough though since her nap isn't quite long encough and she is exhausted…each day seems to get better though as we adjust.

We debated between Grapefest and Little elm festival after some rain Saturday..we settled for the convenience of the local carnival and Isabella had a blast riding her first "Rollercoasters" :)

She devoured some celery and ranch ha!
Celebrating sweet Piper's 1st birthday! I have some super talented party planning friends!

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