Weekend & Staycation

This past weekend was quite an amazing one!! Much needed and rejuvenating. I didn't want it to end. Got some extra special playtime with my loves and some much needed one-on-one time with my big love! We spent the night away from the kids for only the second time in almost 3 years. I surprised Dennis with birthday stay cation in Ft Worth… some pool time, couples massages and tons of wonderful food. The kids had so much fun with their Mamaw, Gigi and cousins. They didn't want to leave. Highly recommend for every couple..it was so wonderful for both of us...
Weekend started with a date night with the family to see Sasha perform Dracula…it was incredible….

Intently shopping. She had already picked out "her" American girl doll with blonde hair "wike me"
This girl..I can't get enough
Her "show me your teeth" pose

Celebrating sweet Ella's 2nd birthday at Plano Play street museum

I LOVE when they play well together…it is few and far between these days

Sweet friends…she loves Ella. She has been telling me she has a baby in her tummy named "Ella" and she's going to get real big….ha

Our first stop in Ft. Worth

Then pool time and nap time
SO excited to be eating at Lonesome Dove

His appetizer

Best pic we got!

Brunch at Bird Cafe before headed home

Enjoying her Owl cookie finally

Her new favorite thing is to give me pedicures;)

This girl….she watches, she takes in and she copies…so smart and I love it…I always do this with the book and say "huggie, huggie, huggie"

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