14 months-Cayson

Oh my sweet Cayson boy! Time is just flying by way too fast! I love you more and more everyday if that is possible.

You are my super sweet, sensitive momma's boy! That's my best description of you! You want to be held 100% of the time and hate to be told no. You have already mastered the meltdown/tantrum when you don't get your way. It usually includes crying, a slow fall to the ground with a super slow roll over to your back as if to tell me I just ruined your life. These usually occur when I tell you no you cannot have your 100th animal cracker for the day…(we have to hide food…if you see it you WANT it) or if I put you down. 

You are talking a little more and make it very clear what you want. You don't sign "more" like your sissy did but you have perfected the "all done" sign…which usually occurs when you are done eating and you stand up signing you are all done. "Look, done and that" are you newest words. You say momma on occasion now finally! Makes my heart swoon!

You are an eating machine. Like I mentioned we have to hide food, if you can see it, you want it. You know where the food is and will bang on the pantry or fridge until you get what you want. You actually prefer water over milk. It cracks me up, I have never seen a kid chug water like you will:) You don't love vegetables right now but you will still have at least 1-2 pouches a day so I am happy.

You are still not a wonderful sleeper but we sleep through the night so I'll take it. You usually wake up at least one time a night and cry out, stand up and go back to sleep. You will almost always do this between 5-6 AM but I have learned the hard way to leave you and you will fall back to sleep. You are still a pretty good napper. You are still taking 2 naps a day, usually 10-12 and 2-4. I think you are close to dropping your morning nap, we miss it a lot on busy days and you just get the 20-30 cat nap you can sneak in the car. 

Cuddles, being held. You are a momma's boy right now for sure. We are in full swing separation anxiety mode and you cry anytime I hand you to someone else or leave. You love to lay down and get kisses from Zoe and Dixie. It is quite precious, I remember your sissy doing the same thing. You love food, your paci and lovie these days. I am so sad to be getting rid of your paci soon. I love paci faces but your teeth don't;) I am giving you to 15 months like sissy. You love to crawl up into people's laps. It  is super cute.

Oh my sweet boy, I am smitten and love you more than you could imagine!


You love cords!

I wouldn't let you have more crackers!

Clapping and so proud of yourself.

Oh…your favorite thing to say

Your sissy loves to hug/choke hold you and you don't love it so much;)


how dare you put me down?!

Weight:  20.5 lbs
Length:  31 in
Head: ….

Diapers: Size 4
Longest stretch of sleep: sleeping usually 11-12 hours
Clothes size: 12-18 months
Shoe size: 3-4

1sts: saying: momma, that, look, done
Teeth: 8

Milestones: nothing crazy new

Shots today: Flu shot

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