35 months-Isabella

35 months?! That means next month is 36 months and 36 months= 3 years old…..my heart can't even handle it. Eventually these monthly updates will have to stop or spread out maybe to yearly? But my sweet Isabella you are changing too much, too fast to do that yet;) 

Oh sweet Isabella you are just thriving at school…you LOVE it! You have decided that you love the drop off line meaning mommy doesn't get to walk you in….I asked you which you wanted after getting to try it once and you said, "Mommy my friend get me. She's my friend, I talk to her." Be still my heart. I need you to slow down. 

You are still as picky as ever when it comes to clothes. Some days I can get you to wear anything but most days its twirly dresses and frilly skirts. You seem to give Mimi a harder time about what we have chosen for school more than mommy. I try to avoid this issue by us picking out your clothes together the night before but it doesn't seem to help. School days are getting a little better though the teacher informed me that you are the last to fall asleep, which doesn't surprise me since it takes you a while in your quiet room alone, so my guess is maybe you get 30-45 minutes of a nap. 

You are just miss chatty cathy these days. I absolutely adore it. You will talk 30 minutes straight sometimes in the car. It's my favorite. We are getting construction done in the back and you will say "he's my friend. He smiled and waved hi at me." Everyone is your friend and its precious. You ask me what everyone's name is and often I either say I don't know or I make one up:)

Another of my favorite things you say: "don't say no!"-when you obviously want me to say yes. The way you say "tank you" so nasally these days is my favorite. You say "What did you say?" 900x a day…its so cute. When we are driving and we have to stop at a red light you say, "I don't like red, go bye bye and tell them I want pink. I love pink, it's my favorite." Speaking of love you will say, " I loooooove…" so dramatic about things these days. You have said to "calm down" and you call lids to things "lid tops," and call marshmallows "marsh pillows" I just love it all…..you are seriously my adorable, little best friend and mini me. 

Life with you could not be sweeter!!
One of my favorite photo shoots to date!! Shows your personally 100%. 

Happy almost 3 years sweet little pumpkin!

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