Goodbye lovie

Oh sweet Lovie! Thank you, thank you for the almost 3 years that you have been our sweet first borns BFF. Your loss has been harder on mommy than I think it has been on Isabella. You have been around for all of sweet Isabella's firsts and have truly been her little buddy. You went to bed EVERY night with her, took EVERY road trip, EVERY doctor visit, and EVERY first with us. Thank you for agreeing to get a flu shot last week before Isabella and for being excited when she needed to show you everything. 

She let Mimi know that I lost you at "The pumpkins" though I don't think I can possibly be to blame except I should have left you in the car. Daddy even went back to the Arboretum to make sure you were really gone. No lost and found recovery this time:( I'm devastated. It took about 30 minutes your first night away to help settle Isabella. She finally settled on Daisy as her bed buddy, she refused the impostor Lovie I bought a while back though she has transitioned okay to her now, I think. 

I told Isabella that you had SO much fun with the pumpkins that you decided to stay. I had a nightmare the first night that you were gone that a worker threw you in the trash though I want to believe you have found a nice, new, sweet friend to keep company. I think another little girl must have needed you.  

New impostor Lovie got a bath in prep for sleeping with Isabella. Daddy recommended trying to make her super dirty and loved and sneak her in though our intuitive Isabella would probably always know so we have just introduced new impostor Lovie with her knowing. She is not as attached yet though she does seem to be allowing her to sleep with her and recognizes that you are gone. 

I, mommy, have taken this very hard. Your absence is felt through out the house and you cannot be replaced. We hope and pray your new home treats you well and that all transitions smoothly here at the home front. Love you sweet lovie, it was a wonder 2 years and 344 days. 
You had to be convinced to be removed from EVERY photo shoot

Attending every first including bow-yay

You were present for almost every breakfast

You were her sleeping buddy!

Our last pictures of you and Isabella's meltdown before we left for the Arboretum….maybe she instinctively knew:(

Sweet Lovie. We miss you. Please come home if at all possible!! The Arboretum and pumpkins aren't that great!

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