Week in review

We had such a fun week around here last week…typical…though they do always have the added stress of work, toddler meltdowns etc. Life is sweet!
Just a case of the Mondays! I think I might start a series of my kids and their case of the Mondays;) It takes them several days to recover from our weekends sometimes!!
Dad's and donuts….she was so excited and I have her convinced this jersey is a "pink dress" and we just wear shorts under it to not show our hiney;)
This girl could not be filled with more joy! I pray she always see life with this much joy!
 Mr smiley
sangria for the win

Local farmers market for another win

Got our Crew and Lu box one of our absolute fave shops!!
YES please!!! All amazing!

Hours and hours of entertainment, watching their "friends"
Fun nature walks…sans shoes…eek wasn't planned…I spy tons of squito bites on those tiny toes too:(
Love daddy moments

Letting them love this and experience it once again proves my fear of water, eek….watch them like hawks
Isabella wanted to join all our photos
Annual LEAP Global Missions Gala with my love

First pumpkin patch of the season

Blocking the sunshine from mommy's eyes..too cute
Tiny dancer

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