Week in review

The rain put a huge damper on our week/weekend…cancelled pumpkin patches, cancelled zoo trips, and most sadly cancelled visit from my BFF Kristin since I45 was closed! We made the best of the weekend though, enjoyed some time to relax with no plans…I actually organized my closet that has been on my list for years to the joy of my sweet hubby:)

She loves to set up picnics and tells everyone EXACTLY where to sit

My sweet Isabella won her first award at school:) Proud momma moment!

Rainy day fun

And if you didn't get the memo Costco had Hunter boots for $79…I heard it was sheer mayhem…of course I never find things on sale and had literally just bought Cayson his;)

Their sock drawer provides hours of entertainment

When did she get SO big

I'm going to clean his paci its all yuggy!

Go Ahead Swoon!! One of my favorite tees

Celebrating Mimi and Auntie Chaille's birthdays!

Paci hoarder and food stealer

I decided to let Isabella stay up late one night and we watched the new Cinderella. It was so adorable and she sat and watched the whole thing…I think she is ready for a real movie theatre;)

She was literally on the edge of her seat:)

Sometimes I guess its good to get rain and be forced to slow down:) Much needed weekend with my little fam!


  1. Looks like a great weekend. My son likes to decide where people should sit at mealtime as well. ;)

    1. It was, thank you! Ha, too cute I love their sweet personalities!!