15 months-Cayson

Oh little Cayson. It's been an eventful month. You have been sick more days than you have been well. I can't decide if its the gym childcare or church nursery to blame but as soon as we get you well you pick up another cold. Momma always gets it but daddy and Isabella mostly stay healthy of course. You decided to get your first ear infection, all 4 molars and shots in the same week. It has caused some cranky days but you are still as cute and cuddly as ever.

You are still my super sweet, sensitive boy! You love momma cuddles, HATE to be told no and adore attention and to be held. You don't like momma out of your site. The separation anxiety has gotten better thankfully, you no longer cry when I drop you off in the church nursery or at the gym. Thank goodness that is always tough on this momma's heart.

You are slowly talking more and it seriously cracks me up the things you have chosen to say. I rarely get a momma but you say Crack-er so clear it crazy! You are obsessed with crackers obviously. You say dog usually pointing to Dixie. Shoes, what's that, and grape.

You still heart food and seem like a bottomless pit most days. You make it clear when you are full, you start throwing your food down to the dogs, stand up and say done! You still bang on the pantry or refrigerator if you want food. You are drinking more milk than you were there for a while, you chug it like your daddy. 

Sleep was pretty rough this month. We had several sleepless nights thanks to this vicious cold. Momma had to come up to your room often and we had several nights that it seemed like we were back in the newborn stage! You still wake up cry and lay back down often. Not sure if its the start of night terrors or just the discomfort of teething etc. You sleep 7:30 to about 6:45 am. Way too early for this momma but I think it is what it is. 

You are still my cuddle bug and I absolutely adore it. You let me cuddle and rock you every night and it makes this momma heart smile. You love, love your paci and I have told myself this is the month. We got rid of sissy's at 15 months and it was a breeze, you are a little more attached than she was but not much. I think it is just as hard on momma as y'all, giving up that last baby element is hard. I am thinking I will give you a few weeks to get all these molars cut through before I do it. 

Thank you for your smile, your giggles, and your cuddles!

Weight:  21 lbs 1 oz (24%ile)
Length:  31 in (43%ile)
Head: 18 in (20%ile)

Diapers: Size 4
Longest stretch of sleep: sleeping usually 11-12 hours (you rise way to early usually by 7 am)
Clothes size: 12-18 months
Shoe size: 4

1sts: molars, Pumpkin patch, ear infection

Saying: shoes, dog, ball, what's that, cracker

Teeth: 9 (all 4 molars are coming in, its been rough)-
ear infection, shots, molars oh my!

Shots today: Dtap, Hib, IPV, Hep A, Flu shot

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