3 years-Miss Isabella

Oh my sweet, sweet Isabella! I cannot believe you are a big 3 year old. Some days you tell me "I so big and so tall" and others you say "I still wittle mommy." Thats how I feel- you are such a big girl now but still feel like my baby. This has been such a fun, incredible stage…I love your imagination and how much your language has exploded.

We can carry on full conversations and you can actually tell me about your day. It's your adorable condensed version but I love it.  You are my sweet little shadow and best friend. I describe you as my introverted/extrovert. You are just like your momma, equal parts shy/reserved in new situations but super outgoing in your comfort zone! You are SO like your momma it is crazy. Mimi says she feels like she is helping raise another Stephanie:) I adore you precious girl. 

You say some of the sweetest funniest things. Your favorite phrases this month are: itty tiny-in description of small things, don't panic-I say this to Cayson apparently more than I thought when he cries ha, lid top, milk is no longer a-no but is anoke, you say your name Misayella-I think your teachers must call you Miss Bella. I need somping-its usually a snack or something to stall bedtime. You also told me you needed a pink motorcycle with sparkles for your birthday. You didn't like my explanation that you were too little or they were dangerous. You really, really want one! That'd be fine-in response to me giving you a different option that I guess was suitable;)

You have adjusted crazy well to no lovie, stand in lovie goes to bed with you but you don't take her out or carry her around like old lovie. You are still loving school! You have truly opened up at ballet too, you used to really just observe and only dance a little and now you do everything and come home and talk about it:) I love it, its too cute. 

You are such a good big sister. You are super protective of your brother when we are out and about or around other kids. I came to pick you up from the gym child care the other day and you were showing bubba around…it made my heart swell. You still fight over toys etc but I am excited to see you taking on the role of big sister:)

My sweet Bellablues I am SO thankful for you! The Lord has blessed us so much through your joy for life, never ending energy and sweet smile and giggle. 

3 year stats:

Weight: 28 lbs (22%ile)
Height: 36.3 in (34%ile)
BP: 92/66
Pulse: 114

Happy 3rd birthday my sweet, precious girl!

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