"See you soon" party

Sunday we hosted a "See you soon" party for our sweet friends The Sneeds. We decided on a See you soon rather than Going away party because we plan on this being a very temporary move and we already have lots of fun adventures planned altogether soon. This was a big step for them, we are so excited for Alissa's promotion but we will miss them being close thankful they will just be a little drive away. We are already planning our family road trip to see them:)
We had my sister make this sign for them as their gift. Leaving Footprints is her Etsy shop, link here..
All the signs she has made me have been amazing

Definitely a good verse for their current adventure

These girls...I am SO thankful for them. They are my people. We have seen each other through the most beautiful times and some of the most difficult times. Wouldn't want to do life without them!

Plaid triplets

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