Week in review

Such an incredible week and weekend! Most importantly we survived the weekend and it was SO incredible. I will share more pics from our parties of the weekend but first our week which includes: Cayson's first faux hawk and Isabella's Thanksgiving school feast!

This sweet, cuddly, momma's boy is the happiest kid on the planet as long as he is held or has ALL of momma's attention;)

Isabella captured this while I volunteered at church…typical..he does not leave my side:)

My sweet little dude

My tires were way past due…my light kept coming on so to survive I got the kiddos their first Wendys….they both ate two bites…and neither of my kids like french fries….say what?!

School Thanksgiving feast

My little ballerina shopping helper…trying to steer and eat a cookie is tough business

Buying macaroons…sugar high:)
Heather's floral shower…more pics to come

See you soon party for the Sneeds
Isabella was most excited about this party…so thankful for our kiddos becoming friends

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