16 months-Cayson

My little Cayson buddy, you are getting way too big, too fast! Your sweet smile and giggle make this momma heart swoon. I can't imagine what we did before you! You keep me absolutely on my toes. I cannot take my eyes off of you for even 5 seconds. You are a climber, a thrower, and have no fears. 

We hit separation anxiety like a brick wall this month. You wanted to be held ALL the time. If I put you down or was not within arms reach there were lots of tears. Dropping you off at church nursery or the gym was tough though the last few weeks have been better so I am hoping we are moving past it. Momma hates handing over a crying baby! You have become quite ornery- you know how to push sissy's buttons. You know exactly what she doesn't want you to do and you do it anyway. The sibling rivalry has begun;)

You are talking so much more everyday! There are days that you will literally repeat everything I say. I adore it. You are now saying momma on a regular basis and I must say it is music to my ears! You started saying sissy and my heart may have skipped a beat. Oh my, love! You say milk and its super sweet it sounds more like mulk!

You are still a great eater. Your pickiness has started to show and you don't love veggies. If I sneak them in things you do fine but don't just love them alone. You will eat cherry tomatoes like they are the best thing you've ever eaten:) You still love milk, water and pouches. You only want to feed yourself which makes for messy meals but I have learned to just take your clothes off and let you be independent:)

You are still my pretty good sleeper though we still had several sleepless nights thanks to croup, molars and what I think are the beginnings of some night terrors. Your sissy started them about this age so I am thinking you are having a few. You almost always put yourself back to sleep no problem. You usually find your paci and lovie and fall back to sleep. Speaking of pacifier it is time to say good bye to it but I find it so dang cute its me not you, though you are super attached at this point. You will put your fingers inside them and carry them around. If you see a paci you want it! You often have at least 3 in your hands. 

Pacifier. Mommy. Sissy. Dixie. Cherry tomatoes. Cuddles. Mommy's iphone. Remote controls. Pushing buttons. Bath time. Splashing. Messing with sissy. Cuddling with Dixie or Zoe. Food. 

We love you little buddy!

1st faux hawk

Sissy cuddles

Food lover

He LOVES "hide n raisins" aka oatmeal and raisins

Don't mind the Halloween PJs or leopard bib..thats how we roll somedays!

My kids are crazy sleepers

Weight:  22 lbs 1 oz 
Length:  32 in
Head: 18 in 

Diapers: Size 4
Sleep: sleeping usually 12 hours, you are trying to drop down to one nap
Clothes size: 12-18 months
Shoe size: 4

Saying: sissy, more, milk

Teeth: 9 (all 4 molars are almost in)

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