3 years +1-Miss Isabella

Oh Miss Isabella, just when I think you can't get any cuter you just keep getting cuter. I have started a note on my phone with Isabellisms....Your language and creativity make me smile.

You are the sweetest, most tender hearted thing ever. If you think I get a boo boo you will run over and hug me, tell me "its otay momma" and rub and kiss my forehead. I just adore it and you! You adore your brother....I like to peak in on you guys at the gym childcare and watch you guys interact. You will follow him around and I often see you helping him. It makes my heart flutter. You also don't love to share with him but I get that. He can be quite the pest, I do remind you though that one day he will be bigger and stronger than you:)

Your little smile and personality are quite contagious! I just adore you little girl! You are also sassy at times and have your moments, it is not all sunshine and roses but you are a very sweet little toddler if I do say so myself.

When I surprise you with something, something comes in the mail for you or I make something special for you, you light up and say, "thank you so much, mommy!" It's the absolute best. I could go on and on about all the sweet things you say and do.

You are learning SO much it is amazing. You know all your letters and a word that starts with them. You will say your ABCsish;) You still count 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 10 and then end it with 18, 19, 20, ha! You are very interested in what time it is and what day it is. You will also tell me how to get places....mommy go left, backwards, then right, ha... Did I hear a niner in there? Name that movie! You talk from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep. If I don't respond to you immediately you will yell "Mommy" so loud...we are working on this;)

You favorite places to go these days are Target (in which you must get a cookie and milk EVERY time) and the gym-You say "mommy go exercise"-you love to play there. You still love to go through the photos and videos no my phone and often ask to go do the things you see in them. You have requested swim lessons a lot lately. You still love ballet and school!

You want to dress yourself and pick out your clothes...it can be quite the battle sometimes but you do a relatively good job most days. Doing anything with your hair is also a nightmare these days. You hate to get it brushed and only want to put it in 1 braid like Elsa!


When Derek (your BF) was leaving our house one night you yelled, "Bye, I'll call you later" So cute
"He's my baby, he's my friend, I love him"-talking about Cayson
"I want 1, 2 Cayson's."-talking about wanting another baby
You say "Thank you so much" and "No thank you" all the time
"Sure otay, that'd be fine"-when I give you an option other than what you originally asked for
"mommy go left, then right, then backwards"
"What time is it?" "Oh on Friday and Saturday"-you have no idea what the time or day means but it is cute
"Pinky promise"-not sure where she learned this but it is adorable.

THIS smile

Carefree sweet girl

Thanksgiving party...so much joy! I just want to bottle it up

You insisted on carrying everything in for your party

1st school picture:) And of course that 2 teethed smile!

Weight: 28 lbs
Height: 36.5 inches
Clothes: 2T, some 3T
Shoes: 8

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