Advent 2015

This is our first year to do Advent with the kiddos. Isabella is loving it and repeats the words and verses with me as I read them, usually shouting them:) We are using IF:equip Advent for our verses each night. We complete our activity, read the IF:Equip and the kiddos indulge in a dark chocolate. It has been so great and meaningful. Isabella is VERY excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday this year. I pray my kiddos really understand the meaning of Christmas and know the grace and joy His birth brings. Here is our list of activities this year, I am sure they won't be in this perfect order but these are our goals for this year. Most importantly I want them to understand the meaning and joy of Christmas.

Advent 2015
1.    Pick out Advent calendar
2.    Decorate the Christmas tree
3.    Make Christmas cookies
4.    Make Christmas banner
5.    Attend Christmas parade
6.    Unwrap new Christmas pajamas
7.    Read the true Christmas story (Luke 2:1-20)
8.    Meet Santa and take pictures
9.    Read a new Christmas book
10. Watch Christmas movie
11. Make red and green playdoh
12. Gather up toys to donate
13. Make Christmas gifts for teachers and class
14. Pay it forward day
15. Make star shaped sandwiches and talk about original Christmas star
16. Take cookies to the neighbors
17. Make thumbprint snowmen
18. Make glitter snow globes
19. Have a Christmas music dance party
20. Have 1st hot chocolate
21. Drive to store and give money to Salvation Army bell ringer
22. Make paper crowns and talk about the Wise Men and their gifts
23. Make a birthday cake for Jesus
24. Attend Christmas Eve Service
25. Celebrate Jesus’ birthday with a picnic breakfast

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