His and Her Christmas lists

Like I said we have decided to not purchase Christmas gifts this year as we have already technically purchased ourselves way too much lately but here are some of our wishes....I tried to stick with the something you want, something you need, something you wear, and something you read for us though I cheated and picked 2 wants for me;) and wants/needs can be a little grey area here! 

Something you want: Sonos speakers-luckily for Dennis he already got these...his Christmas present you could say. They are amazing...they connect to your wireless and we take them everywhere. We have hosted 2 big get togethers lately and we used one inside and one outside! Love them! We use them almost daily...for dance parties of course! Oh and they can play the same thing or something completely different!

Something you need: Green egg-I guess a green egg isn't a huge need, grey area remember, but Dennis LOVES to cook and he is incredible at it and everyone says you have to have a green egg. If it lives up to the hype of our Thanksgiving turkey he cooked on it,  I am sold!

Something you wear: Asics-Dennis desperately needs some new tennies and I love these. He is an Asics addict and lover so there isn't much variance but I like these:)

Something you read: Smoke it like a pro-Dennis isn't much of a reader but this guy LOVES cook books. I think they are the only books I've seen him order! And he actually uses them!

Something you want: Watch/necklace-I have been swooning over this Kendra Scott necklace for months. I am into simple gold accessories these days and love this! And Apple Watch, my sweet coworker has one and I love it! For work it would be perfect though I haven't decided how I feel about having Wifi connected to my wrist just yet!

Something you need: Uggs slippers-I NEED these;) Grey area ha! Though I am a slipper lover and am in desperate need of some new, nice ones. Everyone I know that has these in particular raves about them!

Something you wear: Sorel boots- I have been eyeing these boots for years. I honestly don't really need them here in Texas but they sure are cute! And they would last forever, justifying them right?!

Something you read: For the Love-I have this book and you should RUN to purchase it! Best book, makes me think, makes me smile, and makes me laugh!

Here's to hoping I finish Christmas shopping soon!

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