Holiday festivities

I can't believe time escaped me and I never posted pictures from Isabella's Christmas party and performance. She was too precious, lip syncing (like her momma), clumsy and almost falling of the stage (like her momma), and a little ADD (like her momma) ha! It was so fun! I love that she looked for me and smiled at me the whole time! Be still my heart! I also adore that her best friend next to her was either plugging his ears or picking his nose;) I have like 100 minutes of video...not really but a lot. The quality is poor since I was chasing and managing a SUPER busy toddler at the same time. I won't bore you with all the videos but I can't not post at least one. Also some fun holiday parties, gingerbread house making, Jesus birthday cake making etc. It really is the most wonderful time of year;)

I clearly take her picture too much...she wanted her picture with this:)

Traditional friend night out! LOve these ladies!

Said hello to my fam and my mom snatched a quick picture
Just friends taking ranch shots or maybe they were the bacon shots!
I'm sad we didn't get a pic of all the girls but I LOVE this pic of us supporting Jaimee and her pumping! SO thankful for these girls who have been there for lots of seasons!

Pajama day at ballet

Oh how I love her

Texas weather has been crazy and all over the place. This was the day before Christmas Eve!

Helping make Jesus' birthday cake...this video might be one of my faves...he loves sweets like his momma and sissy

Cake courtesy of 2 toddlers:)

Ready for her 1st performance

Love getting to watch her at school

Be still my heart. SO thankful!

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