Kid Christmas lists

For the last couple years we have started the gift idea of something to wear, something to read, something you need and something you want. I love this concept. It keeps Christmas small, practical and allows us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I have officially gathered our lists. Dennis and I won't be exchanging gifts this year though I have gathered some of our wants I will share tomorrow. We can dream right;) I found these adorable gift tags I am going to use this year over at Jones Design Company...they are perfect for this, 4 gift Christmas idea. And the kiddos will be getting Christmas jammies of course...though they will come earlier than Christmas day:)

Christmas Jammies: Petite Sleepwear-I have been swooning over these PJs for months and
was so excited when I was able to snatch them on Black Friday, one of my only purchases this year

Something to wear: Beanie/jeans-It is no secret I love Beau Hudson...the prices are great, the style adorable. I have had my eye on these skinnies and love this mustard colored beanie for Cayson:) perfection!

Something you need: Converse shoes-Cayson officially outgrew his last converse so these are on the list. They are must haves for us:)

Something to read: Animal Hide and Seek-I found the kid's books at Neath the Wreath this year. This book has so many fun things to is a book with texture and flaps, they describe it as a touchy, feely, flappy book, ha...perfect for Cayson's age

Something you want: Mini iPad-I haven't decided 100% if this will be Cayson's big "want" gift this year or not. He really isn't completely into iPads but on occasion wants to play with sissy's and we all know how well that goes over;) He is almost ready to just have his own and I honestly can't think of anything else he could possibly want! I'm kicking myself for not taking the plunge and grabbing one at Target with their awesome Black Friday special.  Next year I will be more prepared to snatch things with all the sales! (I think I say that every year, though it will only be online shopping for me, I do NOT brave actual Black Friday shopping)

Chrismas Jammies: Petite Plume Sleepwear-Can't wait to get this adorable gown in. Isabella has really been into "dress" pajamas lately so she will love these!

Something to wear: Bloomers/Bow collar-I snatched these up a while back from our beloved Crew and Lu and think I will save them as her Christmas clothes and outfit. I have been swooning over them both forever and kept missing my chance so I was so excited to grab them!

Something to read: Secrets of the Seashore-This is the other book I grabbed at Neath the Wreath. It is so fun, you hold up a light or flash light (iPhone flash light for the win) to reveal secrets in the pages....they had so many fun innovative books this year...I could have bought them all:)

Something you need: Boots-We have officially outgrown our first pink Hunters though she still squeezes her toes in them on occasion. They were well loved around this house and I can't wait to snatch Isabella a new pair. I still can't decide on a color. I'm thinking red or probably yellow so we can pass them down to brother this time.

Something you want: Bike-Isabella has been asking for a bike for may still be a little big but I think she will be ready for it when the warmer weather returns. Of course against all her momma's desires she has begged for a pink Minnie one. I may draw the line at clothes but I think I will have to let her have the pink bike;)

So there is their lists for this year! Can't wait to get it all wrapped. I know this year will be so much fun with the kiddos, Cayson and Isabella have already been so excited and a joy to watch with all the Christmas lights and trees everywhere. I am also working on getting our Advent activities typed up so I can share those too, it has already been so fun:)

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