Week in review

We had such a fun week and weekend. This time of year is so fun...so many festive things to do. We saw Santa, went to a Christmas parade, Isabella saw her first movie! I just love this time of year!

I have started to try to slow down..life can be so busy and I can feel like such a crunch for time but I am learning. Part of my slowing down has been allowing the kids to get out of the cart and wonder the toy aisles at Target. It is their favorite thing and they are always so great and cooperate and almost always listen when time is up! Isabella wants Santa to bring her one of everything though;)

Movie and dinner night at home!

He finally LOVES the carousel...it was adorable.

We don't go to the mall without riding the carousel, getting a Nordstrom's balloon and cookie-creature or habit;)

Nailed it

So cute and excited

She did pretty good, only got antsy a few times!

Little buddies!

Movie date with my girl!

Best Popi around

Those cheeks and lip!

She loved this pink pony

It was all fun and games until he stuck his hands in the animals water:(

She has been asking for months to get her fast painted....wish granted
My little world!

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