Week in review

I know I say it all the time but I am thankful for days off and weekends. I love this time of year...its so busy but I still love it! Holiday parties, book club, birthday parties...my kind of love language;)
This girl...I want to bundle up her joy!
These two love photos....if I try to leave without one Isabella will say "take a picture of us right here" 
I love Christmas outfits:)
Isabella 100% poses herself:)
Love when I get one on one time with this cute buddy

The amazing appetizer spread at book club...too good to not photograph. We did a favorite things gift exchange and it was SO fun!
Cayson's last day with his paci:(

Crazy driver

Evalyn's adorable Mermaid 4th birthday party
These mermaid tails were too precious
He chugs like his daddy

Festive breakfast outside...loving this beautiful December weather

This is how I attempt to get ready with 2 toddlers...heart attack much

His final night with his paci...its hard to tell but he was holding 4 of them!

Work party with mommy!

Mom life!

Umm Isabella is drawing real things these days...slow down time!!

Fuzzy's tacos opened up by our house!! Winning

SO thankful!!

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