17 months-Cayson

Oh sweet Cayson how are you so close to being 1 1/2 years old. Time is flying by. 

Your separation anxiety is gone but you have reached the ultimate dare devil stage. You aren't afraid of anything and climb on literally EVERYTHING. I have found you in the sink, climbing the outside of the stairs, on top of our counter, on top of the kitchen tall table.....it's madness. We have to keep all stools and chairs on their sides so you can't climb. If I tell you no you give me the biggest grin or side ways head tilt and test me and do it again. You are SO lucky you are just so dang cute. We have officially hit the busiest, hardest (in my opinion) stage. The hard to discipline, climbing stage. You are such a sweet boy, but very sensitive. You cry when I put you down or get you in trouble. You also know how to pester your sister or irritate her. How do you know these things already?! I wasn't quite ready for the sibling rivalry and fighting over toys but its here. Praying we transition quickly and you reach a point of understanding discipline and rules quickly!

You are slowly learning new words. You definitely aren't talking as much as your sissy was at this stage but have plenty of words in your repertoire. Your newest words are more, sit (bc I say this 900,000x a day), shoes, socks, and milk. I love hearing your sweet little voice!! You will call for sissy now and when you we go get her from her bed in the mornings you are SO excited and yell "sissy." You call for Dixie and Zoe too, it is precious, you love them. 

You still LOVE to eat. You will bang on the fridge and pantry all day everyday. I cannot leave the pantry open for 2 seconds or you are climbing trying to get snacks. It is cute and exhausting all at the same time. You LOVE little cherry tomatoes and can eat a whole container if I let you. You and your sissy also love organic granola bars-like obsessed, bang on the pantry until you get one obsessed:) You also love when we freeze the yogurt tubes. You are also a water addict and are loving milk more and more. 

You are still sleeping pretty good. We finally, dreadfully got rid of the paci this month. I truly think it was harder on momma than you. It is harder some nights for you to settle yourself and there were definitely a few rough nights in the transition period. There was one night momma was in tears and wanted to give it back so bad, I came in to rock you when you couldn't settle and you grinned so big desperately looking for a paci thinking I brought you one:( Broke my heart and you almost got it back but we persevered and you've done great. You are also transitioning from 2-2 hour naps to one 3 hour nap. I try to push you to 1 o'clock so you sleep 1-4 but sometimes by 12 it is apparent it is nap time. 

You still adore Dixie and Zoe and love for them to give you kisses (gross) but its adorable. You love to be held, rocked, and cuddled. I call you my cuddle bug. Makes it difficult to get things done but most times I don't mind it. You love socks and will carry them around. You sleep with your lovie and 2 wubbanubs without the pacis attached (I cut them off):( 

We love you little buddy!
Finally loves the carousel

You LOVE animals

That lip though

Bath time=Your favorite time

Pestering sissy

I love our rare one on one time together

Your last night with your pacis:(

Your favorite past time: eating

ALL boy

You love to do this, ha!

Getting Rose kisses

Standing to eat of course!

You love to be outside

Rare moments of slowing down!

My favorite time of day...cuddling you at night!

You are over momma's photo shoots..this is actually your reaction when you want to be held and I put you down...

Weight:  22 lbs
Length:  ......
Head: .....

Diapers: Size 4
Sleep: sleeping usually 12 hours, nap 1-4
Clothes size: 12-18 months
Shoe size: 4-5

New words: shoes, socks, more, milk, Dixie, Zoe

Teeth: 12 (last molar finally through)

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