3 years + 2 Isabella

Oh Isabella you are such a joy! Not much has changed for you this month. Learning to adjust to your big brother and stealing your toys has been our biggest challenge. You don't understand, and whelp neither do I, why he has to try and snatch everything you are trying to set up or play with. It is just a phase my love, I promise. You love to hug your brother and hold his hand. When you guys are playing together and getting along it has to be the sweetest thing on the planet. You really do love and adore him even when he's a pest;)

You are still the sweetest, smiliest kiddo ever. You of course have your moments but are such a joy. You are so creative and love imaginative play. Your imagination gets the best of you sometimes though. You had nightmares that your bed was moving for weeks after watching Mary Poppins on repeat. Same reason we couldn't let you watch Fantasia anymore. We now tell your bed not to move, per your request, before naps and bedtime!

Your favorite things are to go shopping, play picnic, play chase, hide and go seek, and be cuddled. I have found that you are for sure my "quality time" girl. You will ask me to come sit here, come cuddle "wit me", and usually want me right by your side. You don't solo play often. You usually need me or someone as your companion, much like your momma I guess!

You are still super particular about your wardrobe these days. You prefer things that have sparkles or twirl. You often get to pick out your outfits, with mommy's help, but you usually always have the last say in your shoes and bow. 

You are still a little picky in the eating department and usually know exactly what you want to eat. You get to pick your breakfast and  you usually pick waffles with syrup and sausage. On occasion you will request yogurt or hide n raisins (aka oatmeal). You love granola bars and will still eat pouches on occasion. You are currently obsessed with chocolate noke (aka milk) and will request it everyday! I guess I can't blame you!

You are currently loving the Minions and you call it "despicabl ma neve" its rather precious. You also discovered those silly videos on YouTube people warned me about where people open up surprise eggs and toys. You watching these have been a life saver a few days and allowed me to get things done.

You are trying to drop your nap, some days you still need it and nap for about an hour. If we are in the car for nap time you 99% of the time will fall asleep. If you don't nap we have cuddle/quiet time which lately is watching Despicable Me, Elf, or Mary Poppins. Besides the occasional nightmare bed time is still 8-8. You try to procrastinate bedtime....and sometimes when I lay you down say hmmm "I need someping"- I usually give you water. You try to get more books, say you need to cuddle or I need to sing another song. Ha! Most nights it isn't bad but we have had a rough couple bedtimes. 

"There's a baby in my tummy, her names Ella"-after spending time with her auntie Heather
"There's a baby in mommy's tummy. I want 5 Cayson's"-after time with auntie
"I need someping"
I want to watch "Despicab ma meve"
"I want Santa to bring it"-about everything this month
"Let's go outside and have a picnic for Jesus' birthday"-all day, everyday

You LOVE the carousel

You went to your first movie with mommy, Jen and your buddy Graham. You did great, we saw Peanuts. Next up a princess movie or something, I think you would like it even more!

You love petting zoos, animals and bounce bounces

You had been asking to get your face painted for months and this did not disappoint

Sometimes I can't handle your cuteness

You posed with your cheese and requested a picture, wight hewe!

You requested ice cream and took a bite and were done. You prefer black treats (aka dark chocolate) as your treats. 

Ready for your Christmas party

You loved holding your own candle

Such a sweet Christmas

You've officially attached to your new lovie

You are usually such a good big sis, trying to help brother!

Weight: 28 lbs (hasn't changed this month)
Height: ......
Clothes: 2T, some 3T (mostly shirts so they are long enough)
Shoes: 8

Bella Blues, we love you!

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