Happy 2016

Goodness what a wonderful year 2015 was. So thankful for good health, my family, and my friends. It was a blessed, blessed year! We closed it out with lots of fun and celebrations of course. We last minute decided to have a few friends over for NYE and New Years day (shockingly took no photos) and thanks to my well stocked party closet I had everything on hand except the 2016:)
SO thankful for our 2015! Busiest year of my life but SO incredibly blessed!
These adorable, sweet knuckleheads (bc thats how they act most days) make everyday sweeter

She has been wanted Mary Poppins and was so excited that Target had it of couse
Ringing in with these cuties

He's lucky he's so dang cute!

Delicious pulled pork sandwiches for the win

He wasn't super stoked about the photo session;)
Magnum champagne-thats how the Stroh's roll

We made it to midnight

Pray your 2016 is a blessed one! Truly filled with His love for you, lots of laughter and joy and hope along the way when things are hard!

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