Lake life...take me back

 This past weekend we embarked on our annual family trip. 19 adults, 12 kids. Beautiful house, lake, fire pit, hot tub, good food, family, and grandma's 80th birthday celebration=one incredible weekend. We love to stay at Marble Falls outside of Austin. Pretty quick drive, quiet and beautiful lake and a trip through Waco is always fun because we stop at my old stomping grounds-Common Grounds!

Common grounds of course! Isabella LOVED her hot chocolate they made her:)

Boat ride..the weather was beautiful on Friday!

Cayson's first boat ride

Fire pit fun

When they play nicely together it is amazing!

She loved the boat

Even on vacation she asked for her picture to be taken.

This girl fell asleep for the first time not in her crib or car seat. I guess the lull of the boat is similar to the car. SO sweet!

We were in charge of fajita night....Chef in training

Cayson and Auntie Hannah

Fajita time

Apparently we were too loud!

Smores....she took off the chocolate and only ate that! Ha

Our beautiful abode for the weekend

Adorable 2nd cousins

What a relaxing, blessed, much needed weekend. Hope yours was wonderful!


  1. That sounded like such a wonderful, special, fun trip! I'm dying to have a big family gathering like that. A lot of my family live all over up and down the West Coast, so we don't often get to see each other. Thanks for sharing your family fun!

    Xo Melissa

    1. Thank you! It was so fun and I highly recommend it! Definitely make lots of memories to be cherished!