Valentine favorites

XOXO///tassel garland///chair backer///shirt///headband///skirt

Decorating for Valentine's day is so fun to me! I guess it shows my true colors and how much I love pink, red and gold. The kiddos are getting their annual Valentine pictures this weekend (hoping Isabella's eye isn't still swollen-more on that later). Here is a sneak of a few decor items and outfit inspirations we love.

Tassel Garland-because I am currently obsessed with tassel garland. I think it adds just a little color and fun to decor.

XOXO-gold and balloons…that is all!

Headband- we are HUGE fans of Fancy Free Finery and this headband does not disappoint.

Skirt-I have been swooning over this Sugar Plum Lane skirt for over a year and finally found a reason and photo session to buy it for:)

Chair backer- my kiddos have a table right in our family room. I swore I would not be that mom with kid stuff in my living areas but whelp I AM!! Their table gets used all day every day! I try to keep it cute and love the seasonal chair backers from Pottery Barn Kids, we have one for every season:)

Shirt-I thought this shirt was pink and I'm obsessed with pink shirts on boys but its more of a red but it will still be perfect…I'm thinking with probably some suspenders and white pants or jeans:)

Can't wait to share our annual Valentine photos!

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