Week in review

The weeks keep rolling and I can't believe it's almost February...please time SLOW down...
I have vowed this year to make more time for me. I LOVE working out, I know it makes me weird. The serotonin surge and time to clear my mind is so needed. My goal is to make it twice a week (the two days I'm off during the week). That's it, all I need. So far, so good.

This boy LOVES to wash his hands at the gym...like sprints to the foam soap when I pick him up, LOVES!

Doing what they love..toy hopping. 

Like a boss!! This kid

She was cold, dang Texas weather...get it together...this momma can't keep up!

Fireman day at school...she loved it! It was cold and rainy boo!

We finally made it to the eye specialist, I've been dreading it because I knew he was going to recommend surgery...and surgery he did. We scheduled it that day...we are all ready for it to be gone! 

Being so brave and such a sweet, big girl for Dr. G. 

SO happy to know her stye is going bye, bye!!

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