Cayson-18 months is it possible that you are 18 months old. You are my sweet momma boy, you challenge me and teach me daily. 

You are still my little dare devil but this month you have slowed down a little bit. Last month seemed more challenging. You still test the waters and smile and grin and attempt to do things again I just told you not to do. You are starting to respond more to timeouts/spankings so that helps. You hate to get in trouble just like your sissy. When you get in trouble you will give me the biggest pouty lip, drop your head, put your arms up and cry for me to hold you. If I am sitting on the floor playing with you, you love to come over and sit in my lap and play. You are most definitely my physical touch, cuddly boy!

You are a talking machine these days. Even the nurse at your 18 month appointment commented on how much you like to talk. You don't have tons of words, but the words you do have you use a lot:) As soon as she came to get us you showed her your "shoes." You add a new word to your repertoire almost daily. Your new favorite words are "Mimi, Mamaw, Dixie, shoes, boots, sissy, bubbus (bubbles), hat, socks, boon (aka balloon), Mickey, ticker (aka sticker)." One of your newest words is poop (in context of dog poop out side), you will say, "Ewww, poop." You love to say eww...It is quite adorable. You will also say "eww ekk" when I change your poopy diapers ha! The way you say "uh oh" pulls at my heart to! I LOVE your sweet, baby voice!

You still love to eat. You have become more picky and will eat only what you want and will throw what you don't want to the dogs. This is a constant battle. You also love to squeeze your juice/milk boxes on your tray and play in it...another constant battle. I have found that you have to be in your high chair to have anything because you make the biggest messes. You have been sick off and on all month so when you don't feel well you also don't eat as well. I've noticed when you are sick you prefer fruit...I won't complain about that. 

Oh how I miss your paci. Not going to lie there were several moments of weakness in the middle of the night that I almost gave it back. You have been sick, had pink eye, or been teething most of the month making sleep a rare thing. You still nap pretty good, probably because you are exhausted from not sleeping well at night. You are definitely down to one nap and it usually lasts 2-3 hours. At night you will cry, I will rock you, give you medicine if needed then you will usually go back to sleep. This isn't a daily thing but it is definitely a more often than not occurence. Momma's tired!! Hoping this passes soon.

You are obsessed with "Mic-keee." You will actually sit in my lap and watch at least half an episode now-game changer. If you see a Mickey anywhere we go you get super excited. You still love and adore your sissy and love to give open mouth kisses. Dixie is still your favorite and you follow her around a lot. You love to eat and you love to play in your spilled drinks. You still prefer "wa wa" over milk and I don't mind that. You LOVE to be outdoors and would stay outside all day if I let you. 

Oh sweet boy, we sure do love you!

Sitting and watching a cartoon

Drinking all mommy's water. You are also attached to the wubbanub animals still...momma just cut your pacis off.

Your cheeks are my favorite


Your favorite cabinet, you empty it 50x a day

You love your sissy

Weight:  22 lbs 1 oz (20%ile)
Length: 32.5 in (50%ile)
Head:18.3 in (24%ile)

Diapers: Size 4
Sleep: sleeping usually 10-12 hours with 1-2 wake ups some nights:(, nap 1-3
Clothes size: 12-18 months, 18-24 months
Shoe size: 4-5

New words: Mimi, Mamaw, Wa wa (water), Boons (balloon), ticker (stickers), poop, Eww, uh oh, hat, Mickey

Teeth: 12 (3 teeth coming in)-you can't catch a break, you have been teething since 4 months

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