February goals

I think my main goal is to get as many smooches of these cheeks as I can while I still can. 
I'm loving this goal writing and am thinking I'm going to try to make it a monthly thing!!

February goals 

1. Organize....I think our play room is rather organized but I purchased a few more baskets several weeks ago and want to get it not just organized but looking more put together if that makes sense. This will also take some getting rid of.....hence #2

2. De-clutter my life....I am a keeper, I am getting better at this as I get older but I am very sentimental so I hold onto everything. I want to de-clutter a few rooms most importantly my craft room, the kids playroom and the playroom closet. I need to just get rid of a few things I have been holding onto that I know I don't want or need.

3. Be intentional....I want this with all my relationships. With my kids, my parents, my hubby, my friends. With little ones I find it hard sometimes to have deep, meaningful conversations unless I am intentional about it. Phone calls have to be made when kids are asleep or when I am driving home, coffee and lunch dates have to be made. I am really good about girl's nights and play dates but I want to be more intentional about 1:1 convos especially with the hubs. We have discussed making some no phone hours in the evenings and I think its time to make this happen. I also need to get better about making calls on my way home, I used to be good but some days I find myself enjoying the little silence I have for that hour but wanted to be better.

4. Zoo or Aquarium trip...I want to take the kids to the Zoo or Aquarium or both. We haven't been in a while and my sweet Cayson is finally at that age where he LOVES this kind of thing. The weather has been beautiful so my goal is to make it to at least the zoo but maybe both:)

5. Plan our meals better....we have a bad habit of deciding the minute before what we are going to eat for dinner. We eat pretty clean/Paleo-ish so in some ways this is good because veggies don't go bad, we get fresh meat but it is also more expensive this way. I want to also try to be more intentional with our money, spend less on things we don't need and give more so to help this initiative I'd like to start with spending less on things like dinners that we don't need to.

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