Foto Friday

Our week was a crazy one. The kiddos went to daycare for their first time since Mimi is out helping sweet Heather and Mila. I was SO stressed but the kiddos did amazing. How they get a room full of toddlers to sleep on cots will forever amaze me. Cayson has never slept anywhere but a crib/pack n play but passed out. I was so excited, he even slept 2 hours and so far no new cold! Win/Win!
His first sleep outside of a crib or pack n play. Of course his nap mat didn't arrive but nothing a handmade blankie from his Mamaw and Baylor pillow can't fix;)

He cried when I dropped him off so his sweet teacher sent me this!

Day 2 and another 2 hour nap:)
I mustache you, how cute am I?

Playing night night, his new favorite game

Loving copying sissy this week…it's adorable

Watching Cinderella, they were both loving it!

After school naps, I thought maybe it was time to add a pillow…where did my baby go?
I LOVE him!!

These two!!

Prepping for Whole30….thank you Cosctco!
My busy helpers

Yogurt treat for being so good!
Mr Independent

Night night my love!!

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