Friendvakay 20.16

We have had a Friendvakay planned for months to Mexico and we have been so excited. It was going to be Jen and I's first trips leaving our babies for more than 2 days and we were so excited to go relax on the beach and sip on some cocktails or in Jen's instance "mocktails." BUT thanks to dang Zika virus it became apparent to us 2 weeks ago that Mexico was a no go! Sweet Jen definitely couldn't go and with us wanting to continue to expand our family the unknowns were too much for us.  So literally Monday, before our flight left on Thursday, I booked us a trip to Winter park. From sea to snow, what a whirlwind. It wasn't the sun and beach we had planned but was 7 degrees and snow but we had so much fun and I am so thankful for sweet friends. It was a trip to remember. I was anxious to leave my babies but they were in incredible hands. Of course Cayson woke up with pink eye and an ear infection Saturday but thankful my MIL and sweet SIL, who is a nurse, were there for him:) Made my momma heart feel better! And now for the fun pics and details...

First day was 7 degrees!!

First time to Snow mobile. It was SO fun, freezing but fun. They took us right up to the Continental divide!
This crew….LOVE them!

This was only Dennis' second time to ski…he didn't love it but he did great!

We even got to see Eric and Sarah!

Ready to go!

This was my last run the first day…very challenging but oh so fun!

Who's the girl in the goggles and the crazy guy with one leg!

My first Hot toddy!

 My sweet, cuddly sick boy:(

I could not be more thankful for these girls. 

We all had the perfect winter boots….it took lots of convincing but Jen snatched the BEST Sorel boots ever!

Thankful for my daily pictures

Headed home after we all had an incredible 4 days!

Next year warm weather, beach, tan, cocktails!!

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