Isabella-3 years + 3

Isabella Grace I cannot think of you without smiling. You are such a joy and light. You truly get more and more precious. You and  your brother played so much better this month and for that we are all thankful. You had a pretty big had your first minor surgery and got your stye removed more on that here, and we transitioned you to your big girl bed. You did so incredibly great with both and we are so thankful. 

You are still as sweet and precious as ever. I laugh and tell people you don't do tired and your brother doesn't do hungry. You are always so happy and easy going but if you are tired or miss a nap....not so much. You get very tearful and emotional and have a hard time collecting yourself...I think this is one of the most challenging moments for me as your momma. The crying almost puts me over the edge...we just try to avoid this at all costs;)

You still prefer skirts these days but also LOVE to be comfy. You would wear pajamas all day if I let you. We come home from being out and about and you immediately request your jammies. I don't blame you though. You love to wear panty hose and when you know you look pretty you still run to show your daddy:) Makes my heart smile. Pray you always have this incredible joy for life and know how much your dad and I love you. 

You are my little rule follower (unlike your brother). Thanks to this adorable personality trait transitioning you to your big girl bed went so smoothly. You stay in it and haven't gotten out unless we tell you, you can. And despite your crazy sleeping habits you have still yet to fall out of it. I find you side ways, upside down but never out of your bed. You still play for a bit laying down but have never gotten up to play. You have still had a few days where you don't sleep for naptimes but you still lay there until we tell you nap time is over. On occasion (when we are being lazy) we will tell you, you can come downstairs rather than go up and get you and you jump up so excited and come down.

You are eating a little better these days. You always request a "Samwich" for school and usually tell me what shape you would like it in:) I always throw in a small little treat for you because I like to think of you getting all excited when I am not there. You LOVED fruit this month and requested an occasional pouch thankfully. You are obsessed with chocolate milk so we have had to explain to you that it is a special treat and not something we have everyday. You still love dark chocolate and get a small one before bath. You requested a bath mid day a couple times and Mimi and I finally realized its because you wanted a dark chocolate. Smart girl after her momma's heart. 

You are still loving Minions and Mickey of course. You love to carry around your "Ballerina Bella" these days. She goes with us a lot of places. You have attached to new lovie but this month you have chosen to keep her in your big girl bed and rarely carry her around. You love to play "party" and its usually someones birthday. You set up the whole room and party and it becomes quite the mess. You love to play outside and ride your Elsa car. Your dad and I are surprised at how good of a driver you really are:)

 We transitioned you to your big girl bed like I said and you've done great. You had a few rough nights of sleep when you would drop your lovie or blanket and we quickly remedied this by turning on your "whoo whoo owl." It's actually a Scentsy but we use it as your night light and that way you can see things you drop and pick them up...problem solved. Until this transition you preferred no nightlight but now you remind me to turn it on if I forget:)

Isabella told her Mimi that she made a big mess and that mommy cleaned it up and when Mimi asked why I cleaned it up she said, "Because my hands were broken tomorrow" :)

The craft room was a huge mess when I got home one day and I asked Isabella what happened and she said, "Oh just a party for Mickey"

"Mommy I want to go bye bye and ride a Zebra" You want to ride every animal we see or talk about i.e. elephants, dolpins...I can't convince you we don't ride those;)

You ask to go bye bye and see Mickey, Daisy, Elsa...on a daily basis...If only we lived closer to Disney!

"you make me so frustrated"

"I not grumpy"
Big girl bed

Waiting for Dr. G

Weight: 28 lbs (25%ile) (same and this is hospital weight)
Height: 37.5 in (40%ile)
Clothes: 2T, some 3T (mostly shirts so they are long enough)
Shoes: 8

Little Isabella Grace, we love you!

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