Valentine's day card making

Monday Isabella and I did some Valentine's day crafting which included finishing her classmate's Valentine's day cards and teacher gifts. I have always loved to craft and color and my sweet kiddos are following right along in my footsteps. They can both be found coloring, painting, playdoh-ing, sticker-ing (they both LOVE stickers), pretty much all day at their little table. 

I started looking at Pinterest for card ideas weeks ago....My Pinterest Valentine's day board here...I LOVE Valentine's day:)

Then I saw these adorable "Kazoo should be mine" cards on Brickyard Buffalo and knew Isabella would love them and the plus side-SO easy! They were a hit with Isabella and Cayson!

Brother came to help

 Teacher gifts: Mason jar, dark chocolate, OPI nail polish, EOS chapstick, tic tacs:)

Happy LOVE week!


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  1. So cute! I love our little mini crafters! Might they one day sit together on a weekend and scrapbook like we used to (but with whatever is cool in ten years)? We made ours yesterday, grey foes t quite get they're not for her, ha!