Valentine's wrap up

Holidays and special occasions should be celebrated all month right, or at least all week:) We had such a fun Love celebration. While I agree with most people that love should be celebrated everyday I'm not gonna lie I love the month, week, day of celebrating with all things pink and red.....
Ready for Isabella's Valentine's day party

She gets SO excited when we come to school

She is SO sweet to her brother, shows him around, makes sure he has fun. And she listens SO well at school...I am so thankful

I want to bundle up her joy!

Crazy to think he will be in school next year with Mrs. C

First time to "pin the nose on Olaf"

Attempted the park after school drop off since we couldn't do our usual gym and errands but this sweet, recovering boy just wanted to be held....
Our home steak celebration...the hubs is SO good.

Baby fingers and Valentine's treats
A little heart breakfast 
My parents used to give us little surprises for Valentine's day and I want to continue was really just something they needed and something fun to play with...and the hubs and I don't usually do gifts but he always does flowers so I feel weird with nothing so I surprised him with some new steak knives:) He loves all things Wusthof. 

They were so excited about there baskets!

And a little last minute fun celebration with friends Saturday night...

I made this incredible dessert after having it at my friend Jaimee's house.....recipe here...
It was just as good as it looks!!

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