Week in review

What a fun week. I think the kids get more and more fun every week and this week was such a good week with them getting along. We had a rough stretch there for a while but this week they seemed to share better and play better, yes!!! Two fun friend play date/dinner dates=incredible weekend!
Mamaw had daddy get Isabella flowers after her surgery and she was so excited....oh and they aren't pink flowers they are "pink woses, mommy"

These two love to help me in the kitchen...we made my favorite yummy protein bites for the kiddos, hello flax seed...

She has always loved playing doctor but after her surgery she is even more obsessed:) This outfit though;)

My mom sent me this picture and I couldn't help but smile and giggle at how cute, yet disheveled they looked;) It's been a running joke that the outfits Mimi puts them in are questionable, haha;) But happy and SO loved they are and for that we are thankful!

I'm in love with these 2!

My cuddle bug

Someone actually sat in my lap for 15 minutes and watched a cartoon...game changer!!

So excited for her card from her friend Evalyn!!

We went to dinner and the kids were adorable....like played so well together and barely made a mess. I am so thankful for my sweet bff Jaimee over at Life with Three little Pretties...love our intentional friendship dinner night!

Bessy buns and bows

We haven't gotten a pedicure in ages...she was SO excited...

My weekend view...our weather was beautiful this weekend...if only my allergies would cooperate!

I snatched this picture 2 seconds too late...the kiddos were so cute warming up their toes in the hot tub!

Ready for Valentine's day pictures....these two were adorable...minus Isabella's melt down the last 5 minutes because she wanted in all of brother's pictures!
This is what NO nap and exhaustion looks like

This boy plugged his ears when I sang his bedtime songs...apparently I AM that bad;)

Happy Week friends!

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  1. I can't wait to see their Valentine's pictures!!! You now have the perfect patio for perfect patio weather!!!