Week in review

We had some of the most gorgeous weather this week. Hello spring weather, I don't hate you Texas that our winter was mild! #iheartsunshine #ihatecold.  We had such a fun few days off, play date at Play Street Museum in McKinney and a mall date with just me and the littles with a nice patio dinner with dad.

Park fun

I love catching these sweet moments. 

Umm...I have the best friends...after weeks of no sleep my BF Jen knew just what I needed;)

This sweet boy!

He had SO much fun!

Sweet little friends....we will be headed to Florida with them in T-9 weeks...Isabella is SO
"escited" as she says it!

Trying to shop with 2 toddlers is hilarious!

Too cool...they both wanted sunglasses this morning

Cayson got bit for the first time at the gym childcare....my momma heart was so sad. Hard to tell in the pic but the teeth marks scraped all the way down:(
Quick Starbucks snack

She picked this outfit, head to toe:)

Say Queso!! He had beans and cheese ALL over! It was adorable!

National drink wine day!! Why of course!

Our week was sweet but our weekend was even sweeter!

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