Weekend wrap-up

i h.e.a.r.t weekends!! I wish we could all move to 3 day weekends. It would be so nice! Thankful for more beautiful weather this weekend. Friday night was such a fun night, we got to go back to good old Marcus our old high school stomping grounds and vote for Mr. Marcus. We had a blast, grabbed some chips/salsa and margaritas after…much needed. We had a nice lazy Saturday, and church and birthday party Sunday!! Love, love!
Mrs. Karbs was my freshman year cheer coach…she left a lasting impression! LOVE her!
Love these girls with all my heart
Jaimee was speed painted:)

This girl is officially a no napper….the fight isn't worth it anymore but she is good at quiet time and falls asleep so fast, I've even moved her bedtime up

We decided a garden was on our list…Dennis has been working hard on it and I'm hoping we see fruits of our his labor!

She was SO proud of her makeup:)
Finishing up Easter decor and St Pattys decor

I love my little ballerina

We started Whole30 today so we decided trying out Hula Hut for one more cheat night 

I ordered the kids ice cream because it is usually how we can finish our meal in peace but didn't realize this is what it would be:)

Watching the wake boarder next door
These sweet kiddos….love watching their little friendship

Ready for church

Cayson's new cheese face

Helping daddy some more

Still NO nap but at least resting….

She has become a pro at these places…crazy to think 2 years ago she hated these things

Blurry but cute

So cute

She had a blast

Peek a boo

The adorable birthday boy and sissy:)

So thankful to have today off!! Thank you Mondays off:)

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  1. I cannot wait to discuss this garden with you!!! I have always wanted to do one...but I can't even keep my plants watered on my patio!