What's up Wednesday

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What we're eating this week?

We are eating lots of meat and veggies around here…getting ourselves ready to start Whole 30 in 6 days…eek 
This is on the menu for this week too…just picked up some yummy looking organic zucchini at Costco:)

What I'm reminiscing about?
Been reminiscing and dreaming of this vakay we had with friends last month! I could use another vacation:)

What I'm loving?
I am loving these shoes….I could use some quick easy shoes to slip on and off during my days off with the kiddos:)
And this purse, I am swooning over it and would love for the summer…I really wouldn't mind the LV version but this one is much more budget friendly;)

What we've been up to?
We've been busy welcoming our sweet niece into this world….Miss Mila Rose is more beautiful and perfect than we could have imagined! The kiddos went to daycare this week for their first time while their Mimi loves on Mila and as nervous as I was they rocked it!!
What I'm dreading?
My mammogram next week….the thought of getting my boob squished doesn't sound exciting but I am thankful for a proactive, on top of it OB.

What I'm working on?
Getting my kiddos scrapbooks and baby books all up to date….its a true labor of love…I have stuff and pictures everywhere. I could just use 24 hours sans kiddos to get a few things done…can I get an Amen!

What I'm excited about?
SPRING!!!!! Can't wait for the gorgeous flowers, weather and patios of course!!

What I'm watching/reading?
We are reading a Power of the Praying Wife in our small group…loving it and our discussions

Forgetting Time is the book that was chosen for book club this month and so far I am enjoying it!

I know, I know my hubby makes fun of me for it too but Grey's Anatomy…I just can't quit you…and the Bachelor/Bachelorette series are the only things I really watch regularly

What I'm listening to?
Absolutely loving Sons and Daughters right now…and this song is on repeat right now

What I'm wearing?
I finally bought these slippers on my Christmas wish list (honestly for years now) shortly after Christmas and I think they are on the top of my list of best purchases..i think i wear them every night 
I bought this vest the other day and am loving it….I'm awful about documenting what I wear lately….maybe I should do that more….BUT I am good about documenting my kiddos….see below:) Insert heart eyes

What I'm doing this weekend?
Birthday party fun, relaxing, getting to take part and vote for Mr. Marcus at my old high school….I can't wait it will be so fun and can't wait to see my girls!!

What I'm looking forward to next month?
I am looking forward to more spring weather and sunshine:)

What else is new?
Not much else!

What is your favorite Easter tradition?  
We love to put gifts in the kiddos Easter baskets! I've already been eyeing some ideas!! Love this little tradition. We also try to find lots of neighborhood Easter egg hunts to go to with friends….some of my favorite memories

Our past Easter memories

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