A day in the life….

I thought it was time I joined in this day in the life posts…I kind of wish I had done one ages ago to compare my life but I'm hoping to keep this up on occasion….

6:42 AM-Cayson, my early riser is up and letting me know about it, I bring him down to bed with me for a total of 18 minutes before he wakes sister so out of bed and my feet hit the ground running and on to breakfast we go
Do I have to?
These 2 crazy dogs have to be tended too…ugh so needy….potty and dog feedings first

7:11 AM-Coffee is poured, this is Day 1 of Whole30 so I have to convince myself to choke down plain black coffee….must have caffeine!!
7:32 AM-kiddos chose their table for breakfast then found some Easter decor to make breakfast time more fun

7:46 AM-They are playing so well I think its a perfect opportunity to sneak away to change….they found me and were not happy I left the living room

 8:00 AM-Up to get the kiddos dressed…Cayson has his first official tantrum of the morning…this is one of those mornings I swear people would be entertained if I wore a go pro…He was mad because he couldn't open the gate himself
 8:13 AM-The kiddos are playing well upstairs so I take the few minutes to finally take out the 12 month clothes that are now too small for Cayson….

8:32 AM-Back downstairs after tantrum number 2 because I couldn't carry him and all the items in my hands….the kiddos decide they need to finish their breakfast

8:45 AM-little photo shoot before we head out the door

9:00 AM-Out the door headed to Turbo Kick and to run errands, grabbed this Larabar because I'm not sure how I will feel mid errands on Whole30

10:30 AM-just got my butt kicked and loved it….my secret at the gym…find the skinny mirror and always stand by it;)
10:38 AM-kiddos are picked up and we are headed to run errands….Isabella exclaimed, "I had so much fun mommy"
11:00 AM- arrive at Target, obviously for our weekly trip for groceries, etc. Cayson has been off today and he was not the best this trip, ugh…he dropped my sunglasses, I proceeded to step on them and bend them:( Then off the CVS for one of Dennis' gazillion RXs, dry clean and car wash

12:22 PM-Of course despite all my efforts Cayson falls asleep in the car on the way home, I successfully transfer him to his crib….but…it lasted all of 15 minutes, which I at least had time to shower before he started crying,  so out of bed and on the lunch it is….

12:45 PM-A later lunch than usual but the kiddos snacked while we shopped, of course…the day was beautiful so we took lunch outside:) And some play time before we reattempt naps and quiet time

She thought Cayson trying to eat his orange was hilarious
My full of joy girl!

1:30 PM- on this particular day and most days unfortunately my work phone has been going off non stop so it has stayed by my side

2:00 PM-Finally after a couple fake cries and tears one exhausted boy is asleep
2:11 PM- Quiet time-she requested a movie in the media room...

2:30 PM-Cayson is finally down and I am finally dressed for the day

3:45 PM-Dad is home and momma has to run for her first ever mammogram….Isabella was not excited for me to leave

4:00 PM- I have dreaded this mammogram and even teared up right before…my technician was SO sweet and amazing. She calmed my nerves and it really wasn't that bad

4:30 PM-back home and back outside for playtime (we play outside every second that we can if you can't tell)
Please note the Elsa jammies..she requests her pajamas as soon as we get home

Another meltdown from Mr Dramatic

5:48 PM-Dinnertime-Dennis and I were hungry early this day being our first day on Whole30 so we started a little early.

6:00 PM-bathtime

7:00 PM-teeth brushed, books read, songs sang, prayers said, cuddles done, and two sweet babies asleep. I always put Cayson down first then Isabella:)

7:30 PM-finished my load of laundry, dishes, made lunches, packed Isabella's school gear and prepared myself for work

8:34 PM-an unusual night, Dennis and I were in bed to read and relax…Whole30 Day 1 done!

That's it a pretty typical day off around here:)

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