Cayson-19 months

Oh hello 19 months. How are you getting oh too close to being 2 sweet Cayson. This month you and sissy had to go to day care a few weeks while Mimi went to help with your new cousin Mila. You guys did great. You cried at drop off but seemed to have a blast by the pictures we received:) AND they got you to nap for the first time out of your crib (or car seat), on a nap mat, in a room full of toddlers=amazing! Mommy and daddy went on their longest trip away from you this month and of course you got sick while we were gone:( You woke up with pink eye and an ear infection but you were so well taken care of and loved on by your Mamaw, auntie and cousins.  So thankful! Oh and you also got your first hair cut this month! You did great for the first 15 minutes then you were over it!

You are just ALL boy! I think that's the best way to describe you. You press the limits, love to climb, are way more aggressive than your sister, and are also way cuddlier! We are in full blown tantrum mayhem around here and it is the worst. Raising tantrum throwing tiny humans can be exhausting. You have started what I call a mummy walk tantrum-you walk backwards with your arms up like a mummy then fall back and usually hit your head. Ugh….I am ready for this to pass. You hate to get in trouble and always cry. Most of your tantrums are completely out of the blue…I usually don't even know what happened or caused them. You are also in that copy stage….it is too precious. You want to copy everything your sissy does. You will grab a bag and say "bye" just like your sissy and pretend y'all are going bye bye. 

I love this stage where new words show up everyday. I am hoping this new found communication will help us in the tantrum department. You have learned to say "this" and point, though I don't always know what "This" is…hence a tantrum ensues. You say "gone, gone" when you finish something and it is precious! When you get on the top of a slide you now say-set go! You also say "Cheese" when I go to take a picture! I am LOVING all this new talking:)

You are loving fruit this month. Well you love most things but you devour some fruit. You are over waffles and chicken nuggets so we have had to find a few more easy go tos. You love when I freeze the yogurt squeezes like your sissy and will go to the freezer and say "yo,yo." Its so funny! You are still obsessed with cherry tomatoes and can eat a whole container, same with blueberries. 

Well this was hands down our worst month of sleep ever….like worse than newborn BAD! I think between a cold, teething and what I believe some night terrors I feared we may never sleep again. Mommy even brought you to bed several times out of desperation. But it finally passed and this past week was probably our best yet! You are sleeping through the night except a couple wake ups but you lay back down and fall right back to sleep. You have even pointed at your crib for me to put you in it rather than cried when I laid you down!! Hallelujah! You did have a tummy bug this month and momma feels awful I told you to go "nigh, night" over the monitor and you did just that. You woke up covered in vomit. #worstmom #momfail And you are still napping pretty well, you are down to one 2/2.5 hr nap. Mommy also transitioned you to a pillow in your crib after you liked it at daycare and it seems to be going great:)

You are pretty much in love with your lovie, blanket, camo lovie from Mamaw, and your Wubbanub elephant-you want them ALL when you go to sleep. You love to cuddle and give kisses. You say "muah" and blow kisses now. You are still obsessed with Dixie and try to pick her up and carry her around. Sliding down the slide, cruising with your sister in her Elsa car, and climbing on any and everything are your current favorite activities.  
Such a big boy

1st hair cut!

Obsessed with queso

You've mastered the fake cry/pout

You now say "Cheese" when I want to take a picture;)

Weight:  22 lbs 6 oz
Length: …….

Diapers: Size 4
Sleep: sleeping usually 10-12 hours with 1-2 wake ups most nights:(, nap 1-3
Clothes size: 12-18 months, 18-24 months
Shoe size: 5-6

New words: gone gone, "cheese", set go, this

1st: Trip time away from mommy and daddy, daycare visit, hair cut

Teeth: 14

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