Isabella- 3 years + 4

Sweet Isabella you are acting way too grown this month. I can almost see a relief in the tantrums-we still have a few and they are awful but you are getting more and more easy to reason with. 

You are still my super smiley, giggly, sweet girl. I love, love to watch you at school or in the child care with your brother. You really watch out for him and care for him. I've overheard you as I pick you up say "oh sorry" if you run in front of someone….makes this momma heart proud when you do things so well without being told. You are very polite and use please and thank you and even say yes ma'am. 

You are still pretty picky most days. You eat very well rounded but you pick what it is that you like and stick with it. You often refuse trying new vegetables and we have decided that you have to have a pouch if you refuse your veggies and you usually have one without complaints. Your love for dark chocolate and chocolate milk are unwavering;) Don't blame you

You are obsessed with your Bella ballerina doll and must take her with you to ballet every week. It's pretty cute and you usually like a picture with her:) You love granola bars and ask for "a piece a baw" almost daily. You love to play outside and your little imagination is still so fun! You love to play "bye bye" where you pretend to go to the store, usually Target or you go to exercise;) Playing tea party is our daily favorite. I just love your imaginative play….it is so fun and makes me so excited!

 You are doing incredible in your big girl bed. You have always been my good sleeper and continue to be. You have woken up a few days and you will come downstairs after we've given you permission and run and jump with excitement into our bed. You love to crawl in bed with us and cuddle. We usually let you walk yourself downstairs when you wake up, you will ask nicely for permission over the monitor and then come down. You decided to drop your nap this month so we get some special one on one time together while bubby naps and I am loving it. 


While I'm trying to sneak a protein bar in the car "Mommy I smell someping." "Oh really what" "a piece of bar" haha

"Don't walk mommy, just tip toe Daddy is nigh night"

"Mommy I'm so big and strong. I'm too big my carseat. My body won't fit, I sit right there" ummm no ma'am #carseatforlife

"Mommy you need to teach me how to drive."-while driving to the store

"Bubbie you SO escited for school"-on our way to daycare

Tea party

You are obsessed with horses 

My little shopping buddy

Waiting to meet baby Mila

You were exhausted but very excited about baby Mila

My little Bella Ballerinas

#bellablues we love you!!

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