March goals

How is it already March is the first thing?! I'll start with my February goals and how well I did or really didn't do;)

1. Organize.I actually got quite a bit of organizing done

2. De-clutter my life….This is definitely still a work in progress and probably will be for the rest of my life;) Can I get an Amen!
3. Be intentional.The hubs and I were much more intentional this month….we picked specific nights to just keep phones down and TV off and lay in bed…something we want to do more of...
4. Zoo or Aquarium trip…so we had a Zoo playdate planned but weather and schedules didn't work out so I give myself 1/2 credit for this!
5. Plan our meals better….well we failed at this but I think next month we will be better because we started Whole30

and that brings me to…..

March Goals

1. Survive Whole30….we actually started Monday so February 29th and so far so good. We did a lot of research and prepping. We have wanted to do this for a while and have several friends that have embarked on the challenge and helped us. I'm sure there will be a blog post after our experience if we survive and make it the 30 days. This is also definitely helping us in our above goal with meal planning because, well you have to.

2. Enjoy some fun Easter Egg hunts for the kiddos…I've already been researching some of the fun Easter activities around our area…I would love to make this Easter Eggstravaganza this year…We will also try to attend this one at Isabella's school, it is one of the biggest around our area:)

3. Relax and enjoy the weather….we will be intentionally spending as much time outside as possible, playing, gardening, you know the fun stuff.

4. Redo Cayson's room…so we discovered Powder Post Beetles in Cayson's plank wall..ugh insert tears, insert mask emoji, and oh vomit emoij if there was one! I'm so thankful dennis discovered it when he did. Praying and hoping they have not invaded our walls at all. The wall will be ruined either way when we remove the planks so we will have to do something…I'm possibly considering just plastering the holes and painting it dark or chalkboard after….because this is the big boy bed I've already decided I want so I think it would look great. Ha, Dennis would not let me spend this much on a bed but if I could I would;) Maybe if I got a second job he'd let me get this one;) So i will probably have him build something like this.
Goodbye Plank wall:(


  1. Just tell Dennis that bed is one sale! Because it is, you'll save a whole $100! And Whole30, you got it!

    1. Haha yes!! I love your way of thinking! Day 7, I can do it;)