Toddler must haves

We are in the height of toddlerhood around here these days. I'm not sure why I've taken this long to share these few favorites and must haves but I have. If you are potty training or have a potty trained toddler run don't walk and grab this toilet seat; actually thanks to Amazon just cuddle up comfy on your couch and order it NOW, for every toilet in your house. Make sure you get the slow close lid and the right shape and size but it literally replaces your current toilet lid-mind blown. We have had ours over a year and still love, love it!!

And these Ikea step stools are the best…we have them all over the house. Perfect size, height for toddlers, and you can easily spice them up with paint if you want!

And I know, I know there are differing opinions on iPads BUT I support them. They give moms sanity, 5 minutes to cook dinner, distraction on long car trips or airplane rides, and most apps have actually taught my kiddos something. I'm not joking when I say…some days I wished my kiddos liked them more than they do. They play with them on occasion but aren't obsessed yet. We are currently shopping for Cayson one before our big first flight next month. I've been debating between a mini or Air but Isabella has an old big one and I'm afraid a mini may cause us issues if you know what I mean. Kiddos think if they don't look the same they aren't the same! Oh and if you have an iPad you must grab this case…perfect for toddlers and they can carry it around easily.

Crafting happens on the regular around here….this Ikea craft paper is our absolute fave. I buy it two at a time, one for our easel and one for our kid table and they last for months. I cover our table and they can color/paint to their hearts desire. these twistable crayons are a must have. They don't break, have paper for toddlers to peel or eat and last a long time. These stampable pens our favorites around our house too.

These shoes!! A must have for EVERY summer. They double as perfect play shoes and water shoes. We have had them every summer and they hold up so well, slip on easily and are perfect for the heat of Texas!

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