Week in Review

What a week and weekend…it was equal parts incredible and equal parts yucky. We had some fun play time, beautiful weather, a marathon birthday party and party Saturday that ended in well….Isabella throwing up all in the car. It was awful…the stomach bug hit Cayson first on Thursday. I feel like #worstmom…he cried in the middle of the night like usual and I said "nigh, night" over the monitor and he laid back down but of course the next morning he was covered in vomit. Ugh…I felt awful and I was already at work when my husband discovered it. I thought we were in the clear because Friday and Saturday morning were normal. He didn't have any more vomiting and Isabella seemed in the clear. Cleaning up vomit on the side of the road at 8 pm, when your husband is out of town, then trying to carry in a vomit covered toddler, then grab the other toddler out of the car=family shower time. My biggest worry was spreading the germs over everything I touched, getting both kiddos clean and into bed and hopefully magically getting the vomit and smell out of the car seat and car…..insert mask emoji! The whole house got a dose of Lysol as well as the car seat, car, every door knob, you name it, it got washed and Lysol'd.

Park fun…love when they play so well together

Getting some extra cuddles in

Saturday we started with ballet at 9:30, then on to Laila's party, then Xander's party, then on to the Stroh's. Such a fun day…Isabella partied until she threw up:(
Taking Spot from school to ballet:)

Sweet little friends
Cute buddies waiting for their sissys

These two
Having a blast celebrating Laila's birthday

Spot at Xander's party

She was adorable

Cayson was obsessed with baby Jax

Pizza making play date

Cookie decorating

Waiting until the end of the night for a mustache photo shoot=fail

Sunshine, bed head and Sunday recovering!


His new favorite game of playing nigh night

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