Life lately...

Last week we survived the dentist, rain upon rain upon rain, a small hail storm, ya know the usual;)
This boy rocked it until they were ready to clean his teeth haha! 

This girl was SO good. I am so proud of her! P.S. she picked out her whole outfit:)
Posing after barely surviving the dentist

Shopping at Target our favorite, $1 sunglasses for the win
She is obsessed with cleaning everything these days!

This girl hearts PJs!!

Ice cream treats for the win

They want their picture taken EVERY time we leave the house now and always have props to take with them haha

Helping mommy volunteer at church means Chick fil a treat!!

Ready for her Lady bug school performance debut:)

Mimi sent me lots of video and photos since I missed it:(

This water table is still a favorite!

Friday Night we celebrated my sweet friend Jen, the soon to be mommy of 3 boys:) It was so fun and much needed

Heart these girls...we missed our Alissa and Jaimee and Leah left before the pic

Pedicure Saturday with mommy

"No I not sweepy mommy"

Having fun at the Stroh's cook out

Sweet friends

MORE rain

She is SO silly, blurry and grainy but too cute

Ready for NO more rain and some sunshine!

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