Life lately...

We just returned from the best beach vakay...minus the flights part, ha! I have over 800 pictures to sift through then will be posting like crazy...until then here is a few pics from prepping ourselves for the trip....
Discovering the joys of roly polys

When my babies want momma...all the heart eyes!

Another day, another photo;)

Love one on one time with this little guy

Every one got haircuts before we headed out of town including Dixie...we tried a new mobile grooming and lets just say NEVER again...he brought her to me and I didn't even recognize her:(

Isabella said, "She's so toot and so itty tiny" haha she loved it!

My kids were visibly upset before haircuts because I forgot their waters at home so we ran into Mooyah for some waters and the sweet owner gave them free milk shakes! Made this mommas day!

He held onto my neck the whole hair cut! Can't believe how good it turned out considering!

I have waited almost 2 years for his hair to be long enough for this cut:) He looks too grown up for me now!

Oh the beach...take me back!

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