Week in review

I embarked on my very first work business trip last week. It was actually also my first flights and first hotel overnights alone, gasp! To be honest I was dreading it but can I be 100% honest, it was SO good for this momma soul. I needed the quiet, the solstice, the adult time and the sleep. Seriously, I slept the best those 4 nights than I have in almost 4 years. I learned, I socialized, I slept, and I Missed my babies oh so much!!
Dropping sissy off at school

My no nap queen still sneaks one in on occasion, headed to the airport to drop off mommy

Headed out on a great note, trying to get relaxed

My first Starbuck's coffee in almost 2 months

Exploring Atlanta

Olympic park

Dinner at the incredible Atlanta aquarium

The best tapas and desserts

Home to these babies, enjoying dinner and ice cream on the patio

She was SO excited about the lotion and soap I brought home, you would have thought I brought her the world..

Oh momma's if you have to travel or want to travel do it! I struggled every time I leave my babies but its always so good and refreshing for all of us!

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