Weekly review

What a week and weekend. We finished Whole30, a whole post on that later, first blown tire on the highway, and celebrating 5 years with my love….I'm preparing myself for my first work trip away from my sweet family and I am already dreading it..
I came home to a sweet surprise from the hubs after we completed Whole30….my first chocolate in 30 days!! It was SO good...

Man when they are sweet together it makes my momma ovaries ache. She was rubbing his tummy while watching Minnie..

Is this for real? Is this safe to drive on. PS changing a tire on a Volvo apparently equates to the biggest pain in the arse

Thanks for nothing nail…

Adventuring at Mimi's house

Friday night we had family photos in BFE so we enjoyed dinner and a drink before...

This boy!!

She picked off every pepperoni even though she usually loves them

I mean these two…they sure make my mama heart full

Oh the sweetness

Having a blast at Grey's birthday party

Adorable friends

Isabella was obsessed with "Grey's babies"

She used a pencil to make mustard flowers on my toes and fingers haha

We laid out and enjoyed the sun way too long on Sunday!!

While bubby naps, we play!

Nike ride fun

We decided a ride to dessert was a must

He loves to play nigh night

More cuteness

And thats a wrap!! Hope you had a great one!

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