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Fitbit||Sports bra||Shorts||Shoes||Water bottle||Yoga mat||Tank

I have been a workout guru since I can remember! My love for group fitness started when I was in college and I taught kickboxing and Body Pump at the Baylor HAC and 24 hour fitness. Oh, those were the days!! I loved it, getting paid to work out, well duh! I still worked out pretty regularly until the last several years when I got so busy with work and kiddos. My goal these days is to make it twice a week, most weeks it works out but if the kiddos are sick or something comes up then I miss and I'm okay with it. I enjoy working out, the serotonin and endorphin surge is good for my "group fitness" loving soul. My favorites these days are PiYo (a mix of athletic pilates and yoga), Total body conditioning, Body pump and Turbokick.

I am Lululemon obsessed and have tops that are over 5 years old that are still favorites. Their tops are SO supportive and the bottoms are all so flattering so how could you deny their amazingness:)

Fitbit: My favorite use with the Fitbit was figuring out that I walked 9000 miles at work everyday ha! I do love to use it to monitor my progress!

Shorts: These Speed shorts are my ALL time favorite. They are flattering, comfortable and the perfect fit!

Shoes: I am a Nike addict, they are the ONLY tennis shoes that I still love. I have tried all brands and I always end up back with Nike.

Tank||Sports bra: Lululemon tanks and sports bras are just AMAZING! The fit, the support, the style-on point!

Water bottle: These water bottles satisfy my love for glass and NO plastic and versatility and convenience. I'm a Lifefactory addict as well.

Yoga mat: I was in need of a new yoga mat, love this one, though I offered it to help the cop change my tire recently so it needs a good cleaning;)

Happy workout!!

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  1. I love active wear now that I'm home all the time...although, I'm not very active. :)