Life lately...

Between crazy work days, breaking cars, garbage disposals and AC units, and sick kiddos its been a wild ride lately. These two little munchkins like to keep me on my toes. They came down with croup Saturday night and their choking spells even had this NP momma worried. Isabella scared the daylights out of us in the middle of the night Saturday, choking from coughing so bad she could barely breath. That seal barking cough is like no other. We had to cancel plans Sunday and thankfully the kids are mending well without steroids or ER visits.  
This silly boy

They are obsessed with the Kids Organic Clif bars...they taste like candy bars so duh!

Headed to visit and meet baby Lane

Sweet baby yawns...have I mentioned that both of my kids are OBSESSED with babies!!
Isabella wants us to have another baby with "itty tiny" toes!

Lunch break in our crazy day

And then THIS!!! I debated posting this because welll....ewww.....this also grossed my Nurse practitioner self out even though I have removed them from other kids removing one from my own kiddo was a first for me. I poured alcohol over it like recommended but this sucker did not want to come out so I found the finest needle point tweezers and yanked it out. Then panicked and studied the nasty tick to make sure I got the head out. Here's to praying for NO Lyme's disease. Insert wide eyed and barf emoji!

Yep there it is. I am SO thankful Isabella asked to jump in the shower with me and that her hair is blonde or who knows how long before I would have seen it. 

My sweet sassy girl!

Mo...Aka "More water"

Helping mommy pick up poo poo...I must upload the adorable video of him saying "Eww" over and over as he picked it up:)

They asked to go feed the ducks

This is our daily routine now. They love to be outside and request to eat out there regularly. 

Swim fun with friends...they also request to swim every day!

Quarantined sick kiddos

Sick and stuck at home so we paint and paint some more!

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  1. Oh gosh, ticks are my worst nightmare! yuck, yuck, yuck! & it totally looks like a visit to target with those buggies in the background. no weekend is complete without a trip there in my opinion :P