Life lately...

I'm okay for life to slow down a bit…I lucked out with a nice 4 day weekend and this momma needed it so bad. It was so refreshing and needed. Makes going back to work on Monday even harder though….

This sweet girl had her last day of school this week. She was so sad. She said, "What, I won't go to school anymore? Mrs. Cobos is going to miss me, she loves me." haha

 I posted this on Instagram then realized after looking at the next pictures how tall she's gotten:( Where did my baby go?
I mean did she grow a foot?!

We got our last day of one on one time and he loved it:)

We loved Mrs. B and Mrs. Cobos

Then we ran some errands and they were adorable and had to wear their rain boots!

Sunshine and playdates:)

SO thankful for sweet friends and playdates!

Making dinner for the Ellis fan!

When its TOO quiet and you walk in to this:)

Cartoons, dinner and patios!

Pedicures with mom and Kristin!

My BFF Kristin came in for the weekend and it was SO good for my soul. We sipped wine and chatted in the hot tub, got pedicures, had a girls night. perfection!

Love this girl SO, SO much!

Some sunshine, giggles and patio time before the week began again…we went with some friends to our local minor league baseball game on Sunday…hoping to post those pics tomorrow….we took a lot.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Two things: 1. Hot mommas!!! 2. "Abella" has your long legs! She definitely grew so much!!