Life's a beach

Oh man…these, yes I said these, because there are too many photos for just one post, are far overdo. I have had the pictures on my desktop and never had time to upload them. Our sweet friends, The Morgans, invited us on a trip to West Palm Beach and since the kiddos are such buds and obviously we love Matt and Amy, it was a no brainer…it was our first time flying with both kiddos and Cayson's first trip to the beach. To say it was an incredible trip is an understatement. The crying fits on flights, the few disobedient moments at dinners were well worth ALL the fun...

Ready to fly!!

Dinner night #1, the kiddos were slightly excited

Incredible view

His 1st steps on the beach

Pure joy

Waiting to catch the waves

Ella did NOT love the beach the first day!

 The squeals and giggles, I can still hear them!!

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